Your Experience won’t get you hired!

job skillsYour job skills and experience may have landed you the interview; however, don’t expect to rely on your past experience to land you the job!

First of all kudos to you for moving mountains to land an interview. Now what? Well, it is a given that you meet the minimum requirements lsited on the job posting; however, it is going to take an awful lot more for an organization to hire you.

As an interviewer, my top 3 questions I want to know about you:

1. Can you do the job?

2. Are you professional?

3. Are you the right fit for the job/team/company?

Most people only prepare for job-related questions. Make sure that you take time to prepare for values-driven, culture-driven, and strengths-driven questions.

What got you here (the interview)…won’t get you there (the job). Your strengths and soft skills do matter.

Answer this question for yourself: Besides your knowledge and experience — why would the company hire you?

If you don’t know how will the interviewer know?

PS – Live on Purpose!

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