Tips to Jumpstart a Career Stall

growth-success-careerAfter reading Career Stalled? 5 Changes You May Need to Make Right Now,  I want you to sit yourself down and ask yourself some serious questions.

It is time to take a temperature check on how serious you are with your career.


  •  Am I the driver of my career?
  • Do I know what a successful career looks like for me?
  • Am I investing a set amount of time to develop my skills, increase my knowledge, and expose myself to projects that my target position requires?
  • Am I investing a set amount of time to map out a career plan with goals, timelines, and manageable action steps?
  • Have I researched my target job/industry to ensure that the position and industry is growing in my chosen geographical area?
  • Am I taking action each week to propel my career forward?

Hope these questions in addition to the article suggestions give you thoughts on what you can do to incorporate into your current career strategy.


My Leadership and Career bootcamps this May and June provide the roadmap to answer these questions and fast-track your success.

I am here to help and would love to hear from you, so please let me know if you have any questions that I could help with.

Until next time…PS – Live on Purpose!

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