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How am I doing? Leadership Feedback questions to find out!

Time for Leadership feedbackWhen was the last time you asked your team for feedback on how you were doing as their leader?

I am not talking about the mandatory employee satisfaction survey your company sponsors…I mean really honest face-to-face feedback.

How do you think you are doing?

The below are sample questions you could ask to jumpstart your feedback:

How well do I communicate to you what I expect from you?

Am I too involved with your work or not involved enough?

Do you feel comfortable asking me questions and discussing work-related concerns with me?

How do I show you that I am interested in your success at ____

Do I listen to new ideas?

Do I treat everyone fairly?

How well do I communicate our company vision and how your role contributes to that vision?

How well do I communicate our department’s goals and individual goals?

How well do I encourage, motivate and support individual efforts?

What do you wish I would do differently?

I hope these questions help.  Would love to hear how the feedback conversations go, and if you have any other questions we should add to the list.

PS – Live on Purpose!

Are you Leading Successfully in our VUCA World?

VUCA Environment

VUCA Environment

Back in the 1990s the US Army College created this acronym VUCA which stands for an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Now more than ever leaders are faced with the challenge of thriving in a VUCA world. We encourage all of the organizations and senior leaders during their strategic planning phase to do a full SWOT analysis. It remains vital that leaders review the internal and external enviornment, because it is evident the ‘we” must learn to navigate in a VUCA internal and external enviornment.

The key for any organization once strategic plans are identified and a full SWOT analysis is conducted is that they equip all leaders with the knowledge and skills to understand, interpret, and master working with a foundation that is constantly moving.

The questions organizations should answer are these:

1. What do we want our leaders to be?
2. What do we need our leaders to know?
3. What do we want our leaders to do, act, behave?

For starters some examples with working in a Volatile Environment we may want our leaders to …
Be: Confident, Adaptive, and Decisive
know: Who to involove, decisions to make, Short and long-term implications, consequences
DO: Communicate clearly, Take initiative, Influence, delegate effectively, resolve problems, and get results

What is your organization doing to prepare leaders to succeed in our VUCA environment? Would love to hear from you.