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Top Mistakes Leaders Make – Derailer 2 of 4

Top Mistakes Leaders Make Part 2Today we will explore the second derailer…Entitlement. This mistake can derail new supervisors, and even the most experienced leaders if we are not careful.

It is a belief that something is owed to us, and impacts our thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors.

Entitlement thinking sounds like:

· I deserve _____ because of my position
· I have paid my dues and worked in this position __ years, so I should get the promotion
· People should listen to me and do what I say — I am the boss
· I deserve special treatment because of my ____

With entitlement thinking – we shift our focus to “Its all About ME.” As a leader this can be very dangerous, because we are not focused on the goal, and lost sight of our people and the team.

As a leader, when we care more about ourselves than our people — we are no longer the leader, we are simply a boss.