How am I doing? Leadership Feedback questions to find out!

Time for Leadership feedbackWhen was the last time you asked your team for feedback on how you were doing as their leader?

I am not talking about the mandatory employee satisfaction survey your company sponsors…I mean really honest face-to-face feedback.

How do you think you are doing?

The below are sample questions you could ask to jumpstart your feedback:

How well do I communicate to you what I expect from you?

Am I too involved with your work or not involved enough?

Do you feel comfortable asking me questions and discussing work-related concerns with me?

How do I show you that I am interested in your success at ____

Do I listen to new ideas?

Do I treat everyone fairly?

How well do I communicate our company vision and how your role contributes to that vision?

How well do I communicate our department’s goals and individual goals?

How well do I encourage, motivate and support individual efforts?

What do you wish I would do differently?

I hope these questions help.  Would love to hear how the feedback conversations go, and if you have any other questions we should add to the list.

PS – Live on Purpose!

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