Conflicting Resume Advice keeping your head spinning?

head spinningAre you overwhelmed with the Resume advice that is out there? I bet you are…you better believe I would be. It is hard enough listening to my good-intentioned friends and family much less the mountains of advice offered from experts.

I am not going to tell you what is wrong or right, because so much depends on YOU – your experience, personality, goals, position, and the company, person, and application method you are sending your resume to.

Much like the clothes or car you prefer…the content, layout, and style of your resume is a personal choice.

Today I want you to talk to you about the 3Ds to keep in mind regardless of the resume style you select.

Direction is the first D. If anyone were to take a quick look at your resume would it be evident to them what position and career track you are aiming for?

– Your resume should be packaged so that it is easy to determine the position you are applying for and be obvious that you can do the job.
– Your summary should be front and center and should concisely summarize your experience, skills, and capabilities.
– The job titles and job experience should be relevant for the position and company you are applying for, and have key words and phrases that are listed in the job posting.

Distinction is the 2nd D. If your resume is smart and lucky enough to get past the robots, and is seen by a human does your resume get their attention?

– Does the resume show who you are, what you stand for, and what you can offer the position, the team, and the company?
– Is your resume branded?
– Besides your technical skills and experience…does your summary, strengths, and accomplishments differentiate you from other candidates?

Design is the 3rd D. The design of your resume not only needs to be organized and designed to get you through the applicant tracking system.

– The most important and relevant information should be front and center, and not buried under details that are not relevant for the position. Ensure that key words, industry language, and phrases are used.
– Your resume should be easy to read, uncluttered, free of images, and approximately two pages.
– Your summary, strengths, accomplishments should be customized for the position. Under each job you should have a few bullets that besides responsibilities show quantifiable results and accomplishments you achieved in the position.

I hope that the advice is helpful, and that you are able to use the 3 Ds to create a resume that gets you results!

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