Career Advantage 3-day Bootcamp

Career AdvantageLIVE 3 day Bootcamp this June!

Still looking for the job of your dreams, uncertain about your future, and have a burning desire to do something about it?

Career Advantage is YOUR fast track formula and your Career Highway….to success!

It is not a secret that things are tough everywhere. Being uncertain about your future is keeping most people up at night. You can search for the answer until your finger falls off, but WHY?

With over 20 years of experience, Patricia wants you to grab your keys and attend the 3 day bootcamp so she can show you the way! That’s it, just 3 days of your time to identify where you are now, where you want to be, and a fool-proof blueprint on how to get you there fast.

Give me 3 days, and we’ll boost your confidence, put you in the driver’s seat, and have you going strong.”

As seen on Fox Business, Women on Business, and World News, Patricia was once a bartender without direction, now she is founder and CEO of People2Strategy®, a Strategic HR consulting firm, a successful speaker, consultant, coach, and author of Congratulations…Your Resume Rocks, Congratulations…You Aced the Interview, and Congratulations…You’re Hired.

We believe you shouldn’t let ANYONE ELSE drive your career for you. You have to decide that you want to learn to navigate your career regardless of your experience and where you are right now!

We won’t do the work for you; we will give you the keys; however, you have to drive.

The fast track, simple success formula will help you steer and accelerate your career forward on your own Career Highway!


As a result of attending, you will walk away with the following:

  • Fast track success formula to put into action immediately!
  • A no-nonsense, foolproof, easy-to-use map to success!
  • A renewed and positive outlook

LIVE 3-day Bootcamp:

Day 1: Our Fast Track Approach/The Myths; Avoiding Pitfalls / Where Are You Now; Knowing Yourself

Day 2: Where Do You Want to Be/Having Clear Vision /Purpose + Passion + Persistence?

Day 3: How Do You Get There; Charting Your Course /Taking the Wheel/ Jumping in the Fast Lane


Just a little about Patricia:
As a highly sought after Career and Leadership Acceleration coach, she has helped thousands of employees and executives in the right direction. With over 20 years in HR, she has been giving back by sharing her knowledge and advice so that career challenges aren’t faced alone.

What separates these boot camps from any other is that they offer an easy to follow formula to help you map out your unique roadmap with how to get there. She aims to take the guesswork out, and put YOU in full control of where you want to be.

Even better, Trish has been the person making the hiring decisions for years and wants to share with you inside secrets on how to cut through the red tape and get results. In her way of giving back, she has taken her experience and transformed it into a 3 day program that will have you feeling confident and motivated to own your career.

Many might feel awkward asking for help with job search or career changes, but there is no reason to feel that way. Like any specialized skill or trade, career management isn’t something you should face alone.


Here are top reasons why you need to invest in your career in 2014….

  • With so many people unhappy with their current job reality, what investment is more important than your future?
  • Approximately 91,520 hours of your life is spent at work; don’t you want to have a career with purpose that you are passionate about?
  • It has been shown that the most successful individuals hire experts, advisors, and coaches to save time, save money, and to get them to where they want to be faster…why go at it alone?

A year from now you will wish you had started today…so grab your keys, we’ll show you the way, and have you going strong in 3 days!

*Register for the June event by April 30 and receive a complimentary guest pass! That’s 2 tickets for the price of one.