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Tips to Jumpstart a Career Stall

growth-success-careerAfter reading Career Stalled? 5 Changes You May Need to Make Right Now,  I want you to sit yourself down and ask yourself some serious questions.

It is time to take a temperature check on how serious you are with your career.


  •  Am I the driver of my career?
  • Do I know what a successful career looks like for me?
  • Am I investing a set amount of time to develop my skills, increase my knowledge, and expose myself to projects that my target position requires?
  • Am I investing a set amount of time to map out a career plan with goals, timelines, and manageable action steps?
  • Have I researched my target job/industry to ensure that the position and industry is growing in my chosen geographical area?
  • Am I taking action each week to propel my career forward?

Hope these questions in addition to the article suggestions give you thoughts on what you can do to incorporate into your current career strategy.


My Leadership and Career bootcamps this May and June provide the roadmap to answer these questions and fast-track your success.

I am here to help and would love to hear from you, so please let me know if you have any questions that I could help with.

Until next time…PS – Live on Purpose!

Job hopping and Influence on Pay Scale

job hopperI read an interesting article Job Hopping is the New Normal by Payscale Career News challenging job hopping as a detriment but rather as a growing trend to improve your salary trajectory?

Curious to hear what your opinion is…if you are a recruiter or hiring manager how do you look at job hopping?

What do you consider job stability in terms of time at one position?

Would love to hear from you!

Check out my Resources page for current trends and my responses. Until next time…Live on Purpose!


How am I doing? Leadership Feedback questions to find out!

Time for Leadership feedbackWhen was the last time you asked your team for feedback on how you were doing as their leader?

I am not talking about the mandatory employee satisfaction survey your company sponsors…I mean really honest face-to-face feedback.

How do you think you are doing?

The below are sample questions you could ask to jumpstart your feedback:

How well do I communicate to you what I expect from you?

Am I too involved with your work or not involved enough?

Do you feel comfortable asking me questions and discussing work-related concerns with me?

How do I show you that I am interested in your success at ____

Do I listen to new ideas?

Do I treat everyone fairly?

How well do I communicate our company vision and how your role contributes to that vision?

How well do I communicate our department’s goals and individual goals?

How well do I encourage, motivate and support individual efforts?

What do you wish I would do differently?

I hope these questions help.  Would love to hear how the feedback conversations go, and if you have any other questions we should add to the list.

PS – Live on Purpose!

Your Experience won’t get you hired!

job skillsYour job skills and experience may have landed you the interview; however, don’t expect to rely on your past experience to land you the job!

First of all kudos to you for moving mountains to land an interview. Now what? Well, it is a given that you meet the minimum requirements lsited on the job posting; however, it is going to take an awful lot more for an organization to hire you.

As an interviewer, my top 3 questions I want to know about you:

1. Can you do the job?

2. Are you professional?

3. Are you the right fit for the job/team/company?

Most people only prepare for job-related questions. Make sure that you take time to prepare for values-driven, culture-driven, and strengths-driven questions.

What got you here (the interview)…won’t get you there (the job). Your strengths and soft skills do matter.

Answer this question for yourself: Besides your knowledge and experience — why would the company hire you?

If you don’t know how will the interviewer know?

PS – Live on Purpose!

Conflicting Resume Advice keeping your head spinning?

head spinningAre you overwhelmed with the Resume advice that is out there? I bet you are…you better believe I would be. It is hard enough listening to my good-intentioned friends and family much less the mountains of advice offered from experts.

I am not going to tell you what is wrong or right, because so much depends on YOU – your experience, personality, goals, position, and the company, person, and application method you are sending your resume to.

Much like the clothes or car you prefer…the content, layout, and style of your resume is a personal choice.

Today I want you to talk to you about the 3Ds to keep in mind regardless of the resume style you select.

Direction is the first D. If anyone were to take a quick look at your resume would it be evident to them what position and career track you are aiming for?

– Your resume should be packaged so that it is easy to determine the position you are applying for and be obvious that you can do the job.
– Your summary should be front and center and should concisely summarize your experience, skills, and capabilities.
– The job titles and job experience should be relevant for the position and company you are applying for, and have key words and phrases that are listed in the job posting.

Distinction is the 2nd D. If your resume is smart and lucky enough to get past the robots, and is seen by a human does your resume get their attention?

– Does the resume show who you are, what you stand for, and what you can offer the position, the team, and the company?
– Is your resume branded?
– Besides your technical skills and experience…does your summary, strengths, and accomplishments differentiate you from other candidates?

Design is the 3rd D. The design of your resume not only needs to be organized and designed to get you through the applicant tracking system.

– The most important and relevant information should be front and center, and not buried under details that are not relevant for the position. Ensure that key words, industry language, and phrases are used.
– Your resume should be easy to read, uncluttered, free of images, and approximately two pages.
– Your summary, strengths, accomplishments should be customized for the position. Under each job you should have a few bullets that besides responsibilities show quantifiable results and accomplishments you achieved in the position.

I hope that the advice is helpful, and that you are able to use the 3 Ds to create a resume that gets you results!

Are you Leading Successfully in our VUCA World?

VUCA Environment

VUCA Environment

Back in the 1990s the US Army College created this acronym VUCA which stands for an environment that is Volatile, Uncertain, Complex, and Ambiguous.

Now more than ever leaders are faced with the challenge of thriving in a VUCA world. We encourage all of the organizations and senior leaders during their strategic planning phase to do a full SWOT analysis. It remains vital that leaders review the internal and external enviornment, because it is evident the ‘we” must learn to navigate in a VUCA internal and external enviornment.

The key for any organization once strategic plans are identified and a full SWOT analysis is conducted is that they equip all leaders with the knowledge and skills to understand, interpret, and master working with a foundation that is constantly moving.

The questions organizations should answer are these:

1. What do we want our leaders to be?
2. What do we need our leaders to know?
3. What do we want our leaders to do, act, behave?

For starters some examples with working in a Volatile Environment we may want our leaders to …
Be: Confident, Adaptive, and Decisive
know: Who to involove, decisions to make, Short and long-term implications, consequences
DO: Communicate clearly, Take initiative, Influence, delegate effectively, resolve problems, and get results

What is your organization doing to prepare leaders to succeed in our VUCA environment? Would love to hear from you.

Top Mistakes Leaders Make – Derailer 2 of 4

Top Mistakes Leaders Make Part 2Today we will explore the second derailer…Entitlement. This mistake can derail new supervisors, and even the most experienced leaders if we are not careful.

It is a belief that something is owed to us, and impacts our thoughts, feelings, actions, and behaviors.

Entitlement thinking sounds like:

· I deserve _____ because of my position
· I have paid my dues and worked in this position __ years, so I should get the promotion
· People should listen to me and do what I say — I am the boss
· I deserve special treatment because of my ____

With entitlement thinking – we shift our focus to “Its all About ME.” As a leader this can be very dangerous, because we are not focused on the goal, and lost sight of our people and the team.

As a leader, when we care more about ourselves than our people — we are no longer the leader, we are simply a boss.

Your Career – Have you made progress this week?

move you closer to your goal patricia sadarWhat have you done for your career this week?  Here are two questions you can use each week to  measure progress:

1.  Did I learn something new or did I strengthen a skill that will help me achieve my career goals?

2. Have I taken steps to take me closer to my career goal?

If you have answered yes to both questions — Congratulations!  You have chosen to take action, and have made positive steps towards your goals.  Regardless of where you are in your career, it is important to acknowledge progress that was made each week.

What have you done for your career this week?  Would love to hear from you….Make it a great day!

Top Mistakes Leaders Make – Part 1 of 4

Leadership derailersIn all of the derailers that I will review in this 4 part posting….we as leaders have forgotten the goal, and the situation has become all about me!

Today we will explore one of my favorite derailers….Assumptions.   When something goes wrong, and it sometimes will — we begin to ask questions like…

-Why did they do that….   -I thought they were going to do …   – I assumed that you would ….   -Who didn’t do their job…   -Why don’t they ever…   – They threw me under the bus…   -They did ___ on purpose, because they wanted to….

In the above examples our energy and focus was directed on placing blame/ or making assumptions as to the intent of another person’s actions, words, or behaviors.   I suggest that we should be curious and genuinely seek to understand without assuming another person’s intentions. You will find that you will build trust/credibility while lowering your stress level.    

Would love to hear from you….

Make it a great day!

Goal Writing: So what is stopping you?

goalsMost of you have probably worked hard to achieve solid grades in High School and undergrad studies.  You have researched the industries that are growing from the Bureau of Labor Statistics.

You identified a clear career path.

The question is…what else should you do to jump start your career efforts?

Goals are created 3 times.  The first time when you decide and know why achieving the goal is important to you.  The second when you write down your goal(s).  The third when you start taking action.

It is such a simple thing to do yet so many people, don’t write down their goals and revisit them each day.  Try it… will help you stay focused on your goals.
Need guidance? Read Congratulations..You’re Hired in an hour and fill the worksheet section. You deserve clarity today.

 Make it a great day!